Saturday, December 22, 2007


2007 is over, well, almost. We are left with a few more days. Those can still be the defining few more days. Something truely momentus can still happen, which defines the year - for me, for you or may even be for the world. But as Christmas sets in and offices close, my work-year is over and time for reflection has started.

So, how was it overall? For me, it was not a bad year. Remember, 2006 was terrible for me, everything went wrong. It got better in 2007. Some wounds healed, some new grounds were broken. Professionally, a new opportunity opened up. Life became a lot less secure, but a lot more certain. A lot more fulfilling.

So, another year less to count, and one more to remember. Yes, I guess that's defining - I finally got old. My thoughts changed from aspirations to legacy, from profits to property. I thought about money, and realised how careless I have been so far. I regretted buying so many books and not one 'company paper' in my life. It showed me I am no entrepreneur; only a hopeless optimist.

Overall, I lived a boring busy life. Kept low profile, kept my patience, and counted days. Kept promising to myself that someday I shall make it big. In 2007, I also realised that the time is running out.

I saw lots of movies, and read a lot of books. Travelled a lot, clocked up airmiles and wasted lots of time on airport lounges. Most movies I saw are on inflight small screens, and most books I read in the hotel rooms. Did not take a single holiday, and did not drink much. Well, altogether, I lived like a good boy.

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