Thursday, December 27, 2007


Benazir Bhutto is dead.

She has been shot dead [most probably] in Rawalpindi, the garrison town of Pakistan.

The world's leaders are shocked. They should not be - there was enough forewarning of this coming.

Nawaz Sharif said - this is a sad day for Pakistan. Good of him. Prez Musharraf so far said nothing. It happened under his watch, in his city. Probably he knew it all along anyway.

This is a sad day for Pakistan, indeed. But I fear - it is a sad day for the entire South Asia. May be, this will have an impact in shaping the world history. This makes the hopes of democracy and stability in Pakistan even more remote. This gives the madcap dictator Musharraf even more time. With a nuclear arsenal under his command, he is the most dangerous man in the world today.

So, jail for the Justice Chowdhury, and bullets for Benazir. Sharif possibly does not count as he will do a deal. The present American administration indeed has a Pakistan policy, which is working no better than its Iraq or Afghanistan policy. Yes, President Bush will leave a lasting legacy - of making the world a more dangerous place than the Cold War era.

One parting word for Benazir: She was the great hope of our generation. She failed it when power came to her. Perhaps now, she has done her duty in her death - by sending out a wake up call to the confused world caught in its own lies.


gulnaz said...

It was a terrible, ghastly end...i wonder why south asia has a legacy for such assasinations...

Supriyo Chaudhuri said...

Well, I would think it is because it is the world's most dangerous place. No doubt, because we have the weapons, the populace and this legacy of revenge and retribution. We have also been fairly naive, and allowed others to run our affirs for far too long. This continues - Americans seem to have decided that they need to call the shots in South Asia, and actively engineering the democracy in Pakistan. Assassinations, which are an old format of political engineering, are only to be a part of our lives.

On a different note, I was delighted to see the media reports on Fatima Bhutto calling Indians siblings, and talking about what prosperity peace can bring to our nations. She said that in Jaipur, but that is still very brave. There would be plenty of people in Pakistan [and I suspect, in washington] who would not want to see her having a say in the affairs of Pakistan.

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