Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Why Hillary Clinton can't give up?

Surely this campaign is one of bitterest fights in recent electoral history. But since last week, bitter is no longer a politically correct term. Barak Obama said it, and Hillary Clinton made an issue of it. It is clear that she isn't giving up - she will make it as bitter as she can.

The problem is that she need not have seen this as a zero sum game. There is a difference between fighting for the nomination, fighting for the presidency and fighting the 'wars'. Hillary Clinton does not seem to know the difference. This does not necessarily prove her toughness; it only proves that she does not know how to give up.

Barak Obama said something right, wrongly. Mrs. Clinton is doing something wrong, while pretending that she is doing the right thing. She is almost playing as the B-team for John McCain - hoping that by 2012, McCain will be too old and she will run again. But she is also proving herself to be divisive and inflexible, and the last thing that America needs now is another divisive, hard-headed president.

Barak Obama remains the hope for America - may be politically incorrect, but right on the money. Mrs. Clinton's 'elitist' label says it all - he has not learnt the art of political pretension and this should be the single-most important reason why people should vote for him. Mrs. Clinton actually represents everything of the past which got America here, divisiveness, smooth talk and a sort of political cunning which is without perspective or principle. It is hard to see her husband's charm or intelligence in her - all one sees is her correctness and doggedness. Did Americans not elect a president for those qualities in 2000? Mrs. Clinton actually resembles Mr. Bush most among all hopefuls.

So, that's where we stand - a few days away from some decisive fights, which will not just shape America, but the world. Hillary Clinton can do everyone a favour by giving up.

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