Sunday, July 06, 2008

Day 21: A Sunday, finally

I have mountains of work waiting. Expense statements, to start with, as I did not submit one for last four months and a lot has built up. This is also significant money locked in, which is playing havoc on my finances. Besides, I have taxes and National Insurance contributions to sort out, which must be done first thing tomorrow morning. Another university coursework deadline is looming around the corner, and Invest NI needs the application forms returned for the September Trade Mission to India. I have still the contracts pending to go out, the one for Manila can wait till Wednesday but I have to get the ones for Calcutta and Mumbai sorted out soon. And, besides, I must write the content for our website - something which is way way delayed - and I know I have to get this out of the way by next week.

However, despite all of this, I spent nearly four hours watching Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal fighting it out at the Wimbledon final. It is not over yet - we have a rain break right into the final set, with 2-2 on board, and 2 games each at this time. This is surely a waste of time in the context of my strict priorities, but I have always watched all Wimbledon finals since Borg played Jimmy Conors in 1977. I don't play Tennis, though the free-to-access Tennis courts at the local park and the opportunity to practise the game on Nintendo Wii has almost convinced me to give it a try. Today's time commitment has nothing to do with my new-found interest in Tennis though, it is more about the habit [I also watched the Williams vs. Williams Women's final yesterday] and pure Sunday effect. I did think that I deserved this Sunday after a hard week's work, and I took that without taking any permission.

This, of course, means that I am in for a hard day tomorrow, and I know the trick now - I need to start early. Tomorrow will start the fourth week of my visa application, when, I think, I can reasonably start expecting to get back the passport. This will also start a new phase, I have planned to imagine I have just come to England with all the accumulated advantages of last four years and start afresh. So, with 79 more days to go to meet my objectives, tomorrow will hopefully get me on track and I shall start correcting some of the mistakes I continue to make, like postponing work which can indeed be done today.

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