Sunday, July 12, 2009

Private Notes: Off to India

I am off to India tomorrow early morning, and this one promises to be one of the most interesting, make-or-break trip. First, because I am planning to make a complete overhaul of how we operate there. Time has come to settle for a more realistic course and acknowledge that we can not do all things ourselves. Also, it is important to factor in the shifting nature of the world economy and the fact that while there are signs of recovery, but no one really knows that for certain yet. For a long time, I have followed a strategy of holding the fort, keep my head low and somehow wither the storm; and, indeed, this came at a significant personal cost to myself, as well as others involved in the process. The current trip, starting tomorrow, will indicate a tipping point, a departure from the wait and watch and a full fledged transition into a more realistic course of action.

Second, this will also signify a shift in my personal commitments. I have stated that I wished to continue with my current position for a little while longer, which possibly I shall, though I am unable and unwilling to put a commitment for a far too longer period. I just want enough time to execute my plans for reorganization, which I believe will benefit everyone involved and allow me to feel that I have carried out my professional obligations. But I am surely not going to spend a lifetime in this project, because I see other opportunities and I am unwilling to let these pass while I sit idly.

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