Thursday, September 03, 2009

Ditch Suits, Save Power

This one brilliant idea from the Bangladesh Government recently caught my eye, though for a very personal reason.

I lived in Bangladesh before and my experience, a fairly common one for most visitors to the country, was that the officials, particularly Government officials and Ministers, were always very well dressed. Mostly in suits, that is. This was a big change for me coming from India, where one would not find a politician in suits normally and even most civil servants will usually wear half-sleeved shirts. Even businessmen in India would prefer Safari suits, with its half sleeves and more climate-friendly texture, over business suits. Bangladesh was odd, given that the tempertures will be close to 40 degree celsius in the summer and it will rain endlessly most of the time. However, I had to get used to wearing suits and as the word passed on, I remember one colleague coming over to Bangladesh with 11 pairs! Justify Full

Recently, it seems that Government has suggested to all Civil Servants to ditch suits and wear half-sleeve dresses to save power. Yes, indeed, cut the 24x7 use of A/Cs, which one must do if they are in suits given the climate. Again, from personal experience, I think this will indeed happen, though I have already heard critics saying that no one is going to turn off A/Cs because they are not in suits. But then, again, a personal aside: I think many of them will freeze to death if they are using A/Cs the way they do and not wearing suits. So, I guess this will mean A/Cs being used more reasonably, and I am sure this will save power for the country and do some good for the environment.

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