Sunday, January 03, 2010

My New 100 Day Project

I am doing the usual - making a plan for 100 days starting tomorrow. That will take me through to 13th of April.

In the past, such 100 day projects helped me to transform my life. I am hoping to achieve the same again.

This time, my agenda is similar: To be able to live a life in line with my own dreams and aspirations. I have tried that before, but I think this time I have a clearer view of what I want. More importantly, this time, I am more confident on clearly communicating my goals, less tolerant to adjustments and just more hungry. I hope I can start living a new life if I achieve all the goals I am setting myself up with.

So, what are the goals? I know that you don't talk about goals openly lest you prove to be a failure, but then I don't fear failure or think they are a particularly bad thing. In fact, absence of failure may be worse, because that indicates that one never tried. So, if I sound a bit pompous here, forgive me - my habit is to try more than I can do without effort.

So, here is my five goals for next 100 days:

A. Get the Open College project started. This is about creating technology-enabled education offering, embedded in brick-and-mortar colleges all over the world. I am at the concept stage, and hope, in the next 100 days, I shall get this going as a venture.

B. Complete my Marketing Dissertation. I have been living with this for a while, and time that I give it a final push and get over with it.

C. Learn everything I can about modern technology, particularly Web 2.0. I am a bit dated on my technology knowledge, with so many years of 'management' jobs. However, I need to get hands on again, particularly in the context of my open college endeavour.

D. Connect my UCL studies in Education with what I am trying to do in this Open College project and make it meaningful. I should complete writing the portfolio within this period as well.

E. Develop a signature style. Not just of appearance, but of writing and communicating. Intensely debate and develop a core system of belief and living life, not just in theory but in practise. I am sure this will make me a bit more eccentric, but a lot more honest. So be it.

I see this as fun. Of course, there are other goals, which have to be achieved to support these top level ones. Hopefully, I shall be able to get a system of partnership working to take my current project forward, and get someone to hand over things from me in the next 30 to 60 days. I may help to start a Corporate Recruitment business in India, but this is something which I shall just facilitate and not be involved into much beyond the initial start. But, overall, I am looking forward to a period of intense work and life-changing fun.

I am glad holidays are over. I am looking forward to all the action.

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