Monday, June 02, 2014

Seeing What's Next

This is one of those days when life must be re-imagined.

My usual refrain used to be I shall retire by certain age and only do things I like. If I kept my promise, today would have been that day.

But I did not. One of the reasons I got waylaid because I took the eyes off the ball perhaps. Tried other things. No regrets though, as those detours proved worthwhile. And, though I feel anxious and uneasy as anyone in the middle of an entrepreneurial gig will perhaps feel, this is by choice and to be relished. 

But still, today is a perfect point to reboot. My earlier plans are not working. I have spent a lot of time doing things I don't like, and my first resolution this year is not to spend time doing things which don't give me pleasure. I am also feeling bottled up doing things in a routine manner, and getting sucked into other people's politics. Those are things I want to get out of.

Indeed, there is no easy way. Having spent two years in hustle, I have learnt not to look for easy ways anyway. But this is time for me to set a goal. And, stick to it, unlike the previous times.

So, my goal is now to get back to International Business. I came out of India to learn about the world, remember! I haven't finished it yet. I am trying to change the business model of my business and be less dependent on other people's priorities. Adjusting to reality, you may say, but this is about scaling our ambitions in proportion to money we have in the bank. 

I like dramatic changes, so let it be today. My plan is to spend the day differently, not partying but preparing to deliver on my promise - that I shouldn't be doing things I don't like. I hope I can get there soon. A sign of maturity: I don't feel ready to put a date on this, yet.

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