Thursday, June 12, 2014

Would Things Get Better?

Knock on the door on a busy day and I am forced to discuss whether things will get better. This time, it is preachers from Jehovah's Witnesses. 

My normal answer that things will surely get better does not end the discussion: I have to justify my statement pointing to our infinitesimal capacity to solve problems which appeared unsolvable at different points in history. Next moment, I was read from the Bible about God's promise to wipe every tear. Despite my best intentions, I disagree, as politely as possible, saying that Man may have to solve its own problems. 

Thereby, I start a debate which I knew is without outcome.

So, if man can solve its problems all by itself, why do we have wars, terrorism, corruption now that we are at the peak of our civilisation?

My answer: We thought we were at the peak of our civilisation at all times by some people, yet we always had problems. Come to think of it, there were always people telling us that we can't solve our problems and yet we did. 

But, don't you think the God has a role to play?

This forces me to think: Indeed, but it appears more to be a part of the problem than the solution. Isn't religion or religious beliefs caused most of the problems you mention? Slaughters of innocents? Suppression of free will? Corruption of lives? Stalling of scientific progress?

Then, I am told there are true and false religions. But, again, isn't that the problem? How does one know which is the true one? The nature of belief is that everything else that's not mine should be rejected. Isn't that part of the problem?

But there is an answer in the scripture, a way to know true religion! But, indeed, there are such answers in every scripture, which may be applied to show that all religions are false. So how does one really know?

We come to the point where God must be invoked (or the excuse of work on my part). And, he was: Would he not know which was the True religion? 

But why did he not solve it then: Why would we have to have this discussion hundreds of thousands of years after we have started walking on the earth, presumably under his command? 

Well, the only explanation could be that he wanted the human beings to figure it out themselves.

So, it means we must solve our own problems. We have come a full circle.

At this point, we shake hands and return to our respective work.

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